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Hi everyone, Michael Santalab here.


Let me start by wishing each and every one of you a very Happy New Year and may 2020 be a happy and successful one to you and your families.


2020 promises to be a very exciting year and with that, I have a very proud announcement to make. - For those of you who know me, or know of me, know that sport has been a massive part of my life for the past 35 years - During this time I’ve witnessed the many obstacles faced by sporting clubs and associations from the aspect of money and funding - In 2020 I have introduced a “YOUR CLUB” initiative where I, through my business, will happily contribute 20% of any fees generated through personal tax returns, business tax and compliance and home loans/refinances to your nominated Local Sporting Club, Team or Association - Any little bit helps and paying for things such as playing equipment, clothing, coaches and the like can be a little easier through this initiative - To me Sport is more than kicking a ball, swinging that golf club or running that marathon - SPORT IS LIFE and through playing sport, we LEARN LIFE - I would love the opportunity to work together to enable both you as a football club and myself the opportunity to form a long term relationship to contribute towards keeping football in this region sustainable and viable.


So if you are a President, CEO, coach, parent or even player and you would like to help your Association, Club or team, then I encourage you to contact me.


Be Happy, Stay Safe and Talk Soon



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