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PAYG Withholding

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You need to withhold payment amounts:

    * From payments you make to other workers (eg contractors)
    * From payments you make to other businesses if they don't quote their ABN to you on an invoice or another document
    * From payments you make to your company directors for their service to you
    * If you run your business as a company
    * If you have employees
    * If you pay employees from another business

If you are an employer or run a business and withhold amounts from payments, you need to:

    * Register for PAYG withholding
    * Determine the status of your workers (if applicable)
    * Familiarise yourself with the types of payments you need to withhold amounts from
    * Determine the amounts to withhold
    * Report and pay withheld amounts to the ATO
    * Provide the ATO with payment summaries
    * Lodge an annual report once each income year has ended

    MORE: See the PAYG Withholding section of the ATO website.
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